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When it comes to quality, commitment and affordability at producing a well designed and constructed building, Loughview can certainly provide you with a building to suit your requirements and install it with minimum  hassle. Please note that we do not build a high quantity of sheds, as our main drive from start to finish is QUALITY. 

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To ensure you get the best value for money from purchasing one of our buldings and a life long warranty with next to no maintainance, Loughview reccommend on choosing a fully hot dipped galvanized frame. These sheds are much more surperior than a steel primmer finished shed.

Loughview also install wind bracing in sheds over a certain size, this is recommended to ensure your building will withstand severe wind.

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                                                                                                    OPTIONAL EXTRAS

            UPVC Windows and doors 



            Motorized roller door kit

    Locking systems for pedestrian doors


          Galvanized steel frame

          Insulated and plylined

  Fully wired with sockets and ligths

     Wind bracing on larger sheds

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