Mobile ClothesLines

Loughview Manufacture a selection of mobile clotheslines to suit all your drying needs

With today's high electricity bills it costs at least £30 just to dry a 7kg load of washing in your tumble dryer per year that's if you are using an up to date type dryer. This cost will change conciderably if you use an older type dryer, it could cost you up to £100 or more, while this comes to a staggering amount over the years. One way of cutting down on these cost, is by investing in a Loughview Mobile Clothesline. Not only saving money but leaving your clothes smelling fresher, and more importantly helping the enviroment by saving energy.

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Our Mobile Clotheslines are manufactured in different lengths starting at 7ft / 8ft   and a 9ft.     Dimensions... 6ft high x 4ft wide.   [10 lines on top rail and 8 on bottom]

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Maneuverability mady easy with four number

swivel casters with rubber tyres. Some models have two braking and two non braking while others have all four braking wheels.

 Above is our 7ft model this is one of our best selling clothes lines  iIdealy suited  for a small family its fitted with one basket holder and  basket, double baskets can be fitted by request.


 Discounts Availlable

Picture above and to the right shows plastic caps

fitted to box section ends and bolt ends, all protected to ensure there are no sharp edges

which add to the clothes lines appearance. 



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Image description

We also manufacture a canopy to fit our clotheslines, this is a great piece of kit to have if you haven't got the privilege of a car port or shed to push your clothes line into when it starts raining, thats if you are at home to do so. Our canopy frame is fully hot dipped galvanized like our clotheslines and then sheeted with a virtualy unbreakable polycarbonate clear sheet. Having the canopy clothes line means washing can be dried all year round, which means less use of the high costing  tumble dryer.    ...PRICE...£350  

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